Retired Baby Boomers are Cutting the Cord!


I finally did – I cut the cord! Like millions of retired Baby Boomers living on a budget, I finally had enough of high cable TV bills and being stuck with packages full of channels I never watch.

If you are wondering what it is meant by “cutting the cord,” please check out the previous post on this subject. Basically, it means ditching conventional cable and satellite TV plans in favor of lower cost streaming TV.

With today’s smart TVs and devices like Amazon Fire and Roku sticks, cutting the cord is a no-brainer for Baby Boomers. The only requirement is to have a good Internet service and a smart TV or at least one with HDMI ports.

I looked at Hulu and Sling as alternatives to my cable TV provider (whose name I shall not mention). In both cases, I could get more relevant channels for about half of what I was now paying. Before cutting the cord, I attempted to negotiate with my current provider. They stonewalled me. So I got rid of the cable TV package and my landline (which only solicitors seem to call), but kept my existing WiFi router with its powerful fiber connection.

My unnamed provider refused to give me the widely-advertised monthly pricing for the existing WiFi connection and router (“That’s only for new customers.”), and wound up charging me twice that amount! For now I stuck with it. But down the road, that will change as soon as I find a suitable replacement.

I went with “Hulu + Live TV” as my streaming replacement. I already have Netflix and Amazon Prime, both a requirement to maintain happiness in my home (don’t ask!). I also added Hulu’s cloud DVR (same reason).

Hulu works just fine on multiple devices at the same time. I got the package without commercials and added HBO, Showtime, Starz and Cinemax. And I have all the sports channels too (yea!).

I now have more relevant programs at half the monthly cost I was paying before. All the previously necessary (and expensive) cable boxes are boxed and being shipped back to my fired carrier…along with a drawing of my middle finger (just fantasizing).

The bottom line is that technology has advanced to the point where retired Baby Boomers no longer need to be held captive by the major carriers. The wave of the future is streaming TV. I switched; you can too!

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