Suggested Websites:


Online - H&R Block


Assisted Living

Silver Oak Country
- Senior living that keeps residents as independent as possible with
a tailored plan of assistance.


Book Sites

Al Kernek - Author of "How 50+ Baby Boomers Can Still Retire - A Practical Guide for OlderBoomers Hit Hard by the Great Recession."


An informative blog, resource directory and brain games for boomers.


Boomer Home Business Advice - Baby Boomers who operate home-based businesses share hard-earned wisdom and best practices gained over the years.



Retirement Coaching -
Non-financial essentials that go towards living life to its fullest in retirement.


- Growing online resource for active baby boomers covering a wide variety of topics.
- Discussion, career counseling, travel and more for Boomers. - The Boomer Initiative (formerly the American Association of Baby Boomers).  Online community that offers a variety of information for Baby
Boomers. - National Association of Baby Boomers. - Popular online community for Baby Boomers, a useful site for Baby Boomer information and special deals. - A popular online community designed specifically for Baby Boomers.
- A humorous and interesting place for information regarding technology, grandparenting, health/wellness, social media, travel, and
unique gift items for Boomers and the grandchildren they love. - Good resource directory for Baby Boomers.
- Information for seniors and Boomers on our
history, health, fitness, and retirement living.

Find anyone, anywhere


Consumer Affairs
- Compare reviews for online dating sites and services.
- Advice and tips to educate and inform seniors who are considering online dating. - A premium baby boomer dating site. Come here to meet Baby Boomers and enjoy mature love, romance and marriage.

Christian Dating Service PLUS!: Christian singles dating reviews, dating tips, singles groups directory, articles for and by single Christians.

Dating Coach for Boomers Over 50+ - Dating Coach for Women and Men after 40 and over 50+. How to meet men over forty, fifty, and sixty (60). Baby Boomer Dating Relationship Expert, as seen @ Single, widows, divorced and dating again @ midlife.



Directory World

Retro Link Directory - The comprehensive Retirement web directory. The online Retirement directory designed to help its users find the Retirement source, companies, products, services, and information. - Senior living directory and news source for the USA.

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- Directory of colleges offering online courses to achieve a masters degree in social work.



AOL Personals - In addition to matchmaking, full of advice for love and dating for Baby Boomers. - Covers a range of activities and current events for Baby Boomers.

Boomerinas - A hip online magazine for Baby Boomer women, covering Boomer fashion, travel, relationships, and other fun stuff for chicks with a sense of humor.

Boomers Are We There Yet? - Video clips, music and stories from the one-man theatre show
relives the boomer generation's amazing trip from Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi, from the ERA to the AARP, from "Hell no, we won't go!" to "Where the hell did my Ginkgo
Biloba go?"

Boomers International - Entertaining site with good links, advice and lots of nostalgia.
- A concert series of original satirical music for and about Baby Boomers. CDs and videos are also available. - Online Baby Boomer community with tips for recreational sports. - Established, proven online dating service for people of all ages.  Detailed screening and proven procedures for matching people up in a safe

Jynglz.blogspot - A series of videos on what makes a great Radio/TV jingle using clips of Classic TV and Radio Commercials
Yahoo Personals - One of the premier dating services.  It's free and relatively unstructured.

Financial - Selected as "Best retirement-planning Website" by Money magazine.

Retirement Planner: Money for Life - Good AARP article that covers many of the major issues facing Baby Boomers in retirement.

Canadian Customer Debt Relief  - Canadian Financial and Debt Solutions Company. Alternatives to Bankruptcy.

Baby Boomer Life - Site is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health, wealth, and physical well being of the Baby Boomer generation.

The Motley Fool - Excellent free advice for active stock market investors. - Blog to help Baby Boomers learn how to take control of their nest egg in retirement. The number one rule in retirement is to avoid large losses which can seriously damage your nest egg. - Find debt relief or debt consolidation for credit cards and a variety of loans. - Variety of useful articles about Baby Boomer debt relief.

The Online Financial and Investment Guide - News,  advice, blogs and reviews to help you achieve financial success. - Straight-forward, Tell-It-Like-It-Is Free Financial Advice. - Free advice on growing your net worth and managing finances during retirement.

Boomer Retirement - Good blog discussing current retirement investments and savings issues facing Baby Boomers

CNN Money - Retirement page - loaded with advice and useful guides.

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Food - Full of tips for cutting household expenses and simple ways to manage your budget. - Focuses is on low-cost, home-cooking from scratch and reducing your grocery bill. - Online discussion group focused on the preparation of low-cost meals. - Find out if you qualify and how to get food stamps in your local area.

Food Safety - Consultant firm helps food providers achieve GFSI food safety certification.

Smart for Life


AARP - The
American Association of Retired Persons is a membership organization leading positive social change and delivering value to people age 50 and over through
information, advocacy and service.

RXDangers - Educating the public about all defective medical devices and dangerous medications available on the market. - Offers more than 14,000 resources from federal, state and local government agencies, academic institutions and nonprofit organizations, on topics such as applying for benefits, getting health care, finding a job, paying for housing or the legal rights of people with disabilities.

QuasarHealing - Holistic, non-invasive self-healing site. See special information for Baby Boomers.
Big Waistline, Stress and Baby Boomers
Features the effects of stress on health over 50. Provides articles of interest for baby boomers on stress management, weight loss, midlife crisis, andropause, retirement, empty nest and the „sandwich generation. - Advice and discussions on just about every major health or aging issue affecting seniors.
- Articles and discussions of major health and fitness issues affecting Boomers.

Acne Assassin - For Baby Boomers suffering from acne, this is a great place to find a solution.

Baby Boomer Life - Site is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health, wealth, and physical well being of the Baby Boomer generation.

Stay Healthy Blog - Tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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Health Insurance

Apply online for health insurance! - Government sponsored site that
includes interactive questions which help to identify
benefit programs that fit your unique situation.
Definitely check this out!

AARP HealthCare - Section of the AARP site devoted
to healthcare, insurance, etc. - Information about states that
offer risk pools for health coverage. - Great resource center for
understanding your health care options.

- A helping hand to people in need in obtaining critical
medications that they would normally have trouble
affording. - Provides information on medicine and
healthcare assistance programs.
They do not run a patient assistance program, nor do
they supply medicine or financial assistance.

Nursing Home Abuse
- Up-to-date statistics and information relating to nursing home
abuse. - Patient Advocate Foundation is
a national non-profit organization that seeks to
safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring
access to care, maintenance of employment and
preservation of their financial stability relative to
their diagnosis of life threatening or debilitating

Partnership for Prescription Assistance - Brings
together America's pharmaceutical companies, doctors,
other health care providers, patient advocacy
organizations and community groups to help qualifying
patients who lack prescription coverage get the
medicines they need through the public or private
program that's right for them. Many will get them free
or nearly free.

Home Based Business

Boomer Home Business Advice - Real world, free advice for Baby Boomers with home-based
businesses. - Advice, tools and government regulations that affect running
your own business. - Outstanding site with tons of advice and helpful
resources for those contemplating starting their own business.
- A Web portal for military veterans, offering special programs and other
resources for entrepreneurial operations.
Internet Senior Success Center
Tips for those over 50 that want to use the Internet to have a
home based business. - A directory of home business opportunities
published by the National Association of Home Based Businesses. - Home Business Magazine published online.
Lots of useful information for the home entrepreneur. - Tons of information and resources for starting a
home-based business.

HomeBusinessOnline - A community and clearinghouse of home business
information and tools. - Start Your Own Business.  Do Work You Truly
Enjoy.  Make a Good Living. Join other aspiring 50+ entrepreneurs
who've used our intensive, one-on-one coaching to launch their businesses
quickly and professionally. - Great resource for Baby Boomers who have or are
contemplating a home-based business.

The Franchise King Blog - Check here first if you are thinking of buying a franchise
operation.  Franchise trends, tips, traps, and truths!

Small Business Administration (SBA) - SBA resources for 50+ entrepreneurs.



Housing and Mortgages for Seniors - Good overview of various situations - includes
recommendations and where to find answers.

Retirement Housing on Less than a Shoestring - One
encouraging experience on, an informative Website for the
50+ crowd.

Great Homes and Destinations - Good New York Times
article about how Baby Boomers can live good simply by
relocating to other desirable areas of the country. - Sperling's Best Places offers a
wealth on information and even a "cost of living"
calculator which compares cities. - Searchable directory of
retirement communities by location with detailed
information for each ($24.95 annually). - THE place to go to investigate
different locations in the U.S.  Zero in on a
location and access demographic information! - Good directory
of all types of retirement communities across the
nation. - Comprehensive directory of
retirement communities and retirement homes of all sorts. - Everything you need to know about
co-housing.  Contains an extensive co-housing directory. - Excellent resource for baby Boomers,
offering helpful tools and valuable housing information. - Complete directory of retirement communities and
homes.  If you have a small nest egg, this is worth looking at. - Good directory, especially if you have
health problems. - Good directory and information about
retirement communities.

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Household - Full of articles about frugal living, reducing household expenses and bargain shopping.
- Contains articles and tips on how to cut household expenses.  Good place to learn about a lot of things. - Great suggestions on how to cut  a
variety of household expenses. - Full of tips for cutting
household expenses and simple ways to manage your
budget. - Price Protectr makes it simple
to watch prices, keep track of your purchases, and get
rebates off price drops.

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- Nationwide online Career Center for businesses that actively recruit folks in the U.S. 50 and older crowd, including retirees and senior citizens looking for a job and/or other ways to earn money. - Excellent site for 50+ job seekers. Lots of useful advice and helpful tools. - Another premier site for Baby Boomers seeking full or part-time work.  Be sure to check this out!

Senior Community Service Employment Program - U.S. Department of
Labor site.  Training and job searches for seniors. - THE premier online job search site.  Enter "50+," "part time" or "Boomer" along with other job/location specific keywords into the search criteria. -
Provides news, resources and connections for individuals and organizations establishing "encore careers" that combine social contribution, personal meaning and financial security.

Craig's List
- Free online classified listings placed by local companies and organizations seeking workers.  Often, there are ads seeking part-time or temporary workers for specific positions.

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Life Insurance - The truth about life insurance and other personal finance matters.


BoomerNet - The Baby Boomer's Surfing Center - All things Boomer.

Long-Term Care

NIHSeniorHealth - This easy-to-use website features basic health and wellness information for older adults from the National Institutes of Health.

Visiting Angels - A national, private duty network of home care agencies. We are proud to be the nation’s leading provider of non-medical senior home care services.


Baby Boomer Magazine - Online magazine with a little bit of everything for Baby Boomers.

Hello Boomers Magazine - Answers to some of the questions and
issues of Baby Boomers.


MSNBC Boomer Nation - Current stories and articles targeting Baby Boomers.

50plus Northwest Baby Boomer News - Articles for active Baby Boomer living in the Northwest.

The Boomington Post - Boomer news for all your Boomer needs.

Parental Care

Senior Advisor - Good resource for anyone researching senior living communities, home care agencies, and senior service professionals. With the ability to personalize searches you can easily find information and honest reviews for communities in your area.

New LifeStyles - The Source for Seniors, providing a nationwide comprehensive list of all senior communities and care agencies. Visit the site to search online and/or order or view a free printed guide for your area.

Senior Care Examiner - Outstanding articles by Patricia Grace dealing with elder care issues and little known funding sources. A must read!

ElderCareLink Directory - Links to sites with everything from senior housing to medical alarms.

Hospice Foundation of America - A good place to learn about Hospice and the services it offers.

Caring Connections - A program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), is a national consumer and community engagement initiative to improve care at the end of life.

CareApparelSpecial needs clothing that provide easy-dressing solutions for
caregivers and great looking fashion, function and dignity for their loved ones. - Good Website for patients and families facing life-threatening illness.

MySeniorCare -- a community on the topic of senior care providing information on home health care, assisted living, and hospice.

Nursing Home Abuse Support - Most up-to-date statistics and information relating to nursing home abuse.

Aging Parents and Elder Care - Advice for overcoming the challenges of parental care.  Good checklist for reference.

Caring for your Parents - PBS online videos on this subject. - Explore alternative and conventional medical information side-by-side.
Mesothelioma & Seniors
- A good resource for statistics, treatment options and support if you or your parent have been exposed to asbestos, or just to gain awareness of asbestos cancer (mesothelioma). - Free directory to assist in finding a senior home or senior care for your parents (e.g., local assisted living). - A senior care resource that offers a nationwide directory of nursing homes.

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Real Estate

Refinance & Mortgage Guide for Senior Citizens - A guide for
older members of society and senior family members through the sometimes cumbersome process of purchasing and
maintaining real estate.

Northern California Gold Country Retirement Options for Baby Boomers - Information and articles about real estate and profiles of cities and communities in the Gold Country which
offers the least expensive quality housing in California.

Retire Abroad - Costa Rica - "The Real Costa Rica," presented from a first-hand perspective, provides a wealth of information about living there, legal issues and other important data you need to know. - Association of Residents of Costa Rica.  This organization serves
foreign residents in Costa Rica as well as people abroad who want to obtain residency in Costa Rica.  Annual membership is $100 US for individuals without legal Costa Rican residency.  Lots of free information and a forum.
- Offers "lifestyle" tours for those considering relocating to Costa Rica.  Tours include an overview of the most desirable locations and living situations for potential retirees.
- Over 150 articles about Costa Rica and hundreds of relevant links.
- Excellent site for researching high-end properties in Costa Rica.
- Good selection of rental properties.

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Retire Abroad - Mexico
- Very informative site prepared by North Americanos living in the Lake Chapala area.  A must-read if you are thinking about retiring to this area! Annual subscription of $39.95 for online magazine;
over 500 archived editions for you to peruse (extra charge).  Plenty
of free information on the site itself.
- Good overall site (with forum) for exploring relocating to Mexico -  very informative. Be sure to read Amy Gray Kirkcaldy"s column
for one person's experience of living and working in Monterey. Annual subscription fee of $30 gives you full Website access, including all columns and Webmail.
- An 8-day onsite "Focus on Mexico" program provides you with the opportunity to get all the information and experience you need in one spot to make an informed decision as to whether the Lake Chapala area in Mexico is right for you.  Good program!  VERY informative site.
- Top-ranked International Living online magazine.  Great place to the most obvious questions about living in Mexico answered.
- Good information about Mexico real estate and buying property in Mexico.  Covers all the popular locations. - Ajijic realty; also covers Lake Chapala.  Tons of information
about the local area and owning property in Mexico. Good price range on local real estate. - MLS listings for Lake Chapala and Manzanillo.  Also
contains a lot of local information and answers to questions you may have.
- Excellent guide that gives you a comprehensive overview of the key facts and issues you need to take into account when considering property ownership in Mexico.

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Senior Sites

Assisted Living Way - Good resource site with links and information related to safety and housing options for seniors. List of state-licensed communities.

BenefitsCheckUp - Developed and maintained by The National Council on Aging (NCOA), this is a comprehensive Web-based service to screen for benefits programs for seniors with limited income and resources.

The Little Old Lady Stays Put (or Doesn't) - Jacqueline discusses the issues of
aging, with insight and humor. Valuable information for all Boomers. - An informative Website for the 50+ crowd.

50Plus Northwest - Covers news for seniors and baby boomers in and around the Northwest.

Tax Problems

Tax Problems - If you are having tax problems with the IRS, check out the Guardian. Their team of lawyers can give you the help you need.


AARP - AARP has a partnership with Travelocity to
provide its members with discounted travel and vacation
packages.  "Must visit" site that includes
everything from cruises to national attractions to RV
packages.  Visit the AARP Passport area for
best deals.

Craig's List - Free online classified listings of
rentals placed by individuals in your local (or any)

HomeExchange50Plus - A holiday home exchange site
designed for the Boomer traveler.  Enjoy an
inexpensive vacation by swapping your home with other
Boomers and seniors.

HotelClub - Provides budget, deluxe and luxury hotel
accommodation globally at discount rates.

Boomeropia - Travel site for Baby Boomers, listing
interesting trips and tours in 30 categories, from
adventure to pet travel to beaches and
bed-and-breakfasts. -
Comprehensive travel deals and information tailored to
the needs of the Baby Boomers.

Senior Travel Deals
- Find out how to get the most out of your trip for the
very least. Our travel experts will show you how you can find the very best
travel deals for seniors.

Priceline Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars & More!

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Veterans Benefits

- Article about how to claim veteran benefits.

VA Benefits
- Department of Veteran Affairs site that explains benefits.
Particularly interesting is the
Pension and Compensation Service page. - Provides benefits that reduce the cost of care for veterans and surviving spouses who require assisted living.
Agent Orange Disability Compensation - Full list of diseases
that automatically qualify veterans and widows of vets for
disability compensation.

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Vision Care

National Eye Institute - Offers a variety of
programs for those who cannot afford vision care. - Finds federal, state and
private benefit programs available to help you save
money on vision care and other health issues.

Bottom Line - Summary of free or low-cost vision
care services available to baby Boomers.


NGOabroad -
International careers and volunteering. Counseling and gateway to international
jobs and volunteer stints.

- JA Worldwide is a partnership between
the business community, educators and volunteers — all
working together to inspire young people to dream big
and reach their potential. JA’s hands-on, experiential
programs teach the key concepts of work readiness,
entrepreneurship and financial literacy to young people
all over the world.

Volunteers of
- Volunteers of America is one the nation's
largest and most comprehensive human services organizations,
serving more than 2 million people each year, including
at-risk youth, the frail elderly, men and women returning
from prison, homeless individuals and families, people with
disabilities, and those recovering from addictions.

Corporation for National and Community Service - Ample
volunteer opportunities for baby Boomers, including the
Senior Corps and AmeriCorps. - Volunteer opportunities include their Tax-Aide
and Driver Safety programs. - Counselors to America's small businesses.
A greta way to leverage your business expertise to help
start-ups, entrepreneurs and struggling small businesses.

Cross Cultural Solutions - Volunteer abroad – work side-by-side
with local people and experience another culture like never before. - Find a local charity or national charities in
your area. - Find a mentoring program in your area.

BigBrothers-BigSisters - Change a life by be a "Big Brother" or "Big
Sister" to a deserving child.

World Society for the Protection of Animals - Support animal welfare worldwide - you can make a difference. - Become involved in an environment-friendly
program that is using entrepreneurial technology to pioneer the
conversion of fishing vessels from polluting diesel engines to clean

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Aging Gracefully
- Devoted to women baby boomers, this site guides you
through the changes aging brings and offers information and tips to help you
feel and look your best! - A place for baby boomer women to encourage, connect, and support one another online.

Association Baby Boomer Women
- Subjects, issues and discussions relevant to baby Boomer women.

Fabulous at 50 - Celebrating Baby Boomer women.

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