Panama – A Serious Retirement Alternative for Baby Boomers on a Budget

Baby Boomers are retiring on a budget in Panama

I have Baby Boomer friends who have retired in Panama and love it. They chose that country because they were living primarily on social security and because of Panama’s amenities and programs for attracting foreigners.

Many Baby Boomers with meager savings are looking at a bleak retirement here in the United States. That’s why I constantly bring up Panama as an excellent alternative. The U.S. dollar goes a long ways there (depending on how/where you wish to live in the country), it has excellent medical programs, it’s only a few hours away from the U.S. by plane, and you will be joining thousands of Americans already enjoying retirement there.

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For those who are serious about exploring Panama Panama as a retirement destination, I suggest acquiring the Live And Invest In Panama Home Conference Kit. This will quickly and accurately tell you everything you need to know, warts and all. Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate of this program, so any purchase you happen to make will help my own retirement program ;~)

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