If you are a Baby Boomer who lives – or expects to retire – on a fixed or limited income, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a host of activities and live a rich life. Many activities are free. You will also find events and entertainment with special pricing for seniors. And this Boomer generation is an active one, so sports and other activities that cost little or no money are always available to you. Plus, never forget to ask for a “senior discount” at restaurants, movies or just about anywhere for anything.

Baby Boomers – AARP Membership Gets You Discounts!

We’re not trying to sell AARP to you, but this organization is essential for Baby Boomers on a fixed income. AARP membership costs only about a dollar per month and you receive so much in return, among them significant discounts across the board, including travel, books, and insurance. This is a deal you cannot afford to pass up!

Local Community Activities

Free community activities, such as museums and art galleries, are a great way for Baby Boomers to entertain themselves.

Most people do not realize how many free activities are sponsored by their local community. Baby Boomers on a fixed income can take advantage of these to enrich their lives. Such activities might include:

  • Art Related – gallery openings and art shows, usually accompanied by free wine and hors d’oeuvres.
  • Free nights at museums, observatories and other civic functions.
  • Local libraries freely provide books, movies, readings and lectures.
  • Local colleges provide many free activities and events.
  • Many local clubs are free to join and participate.


Baby Boomers can enjoy recreational activities at little or no cost. There are an endless number of activities in which Baby Boomers can participate for fun and exercise. These include bicycling, hiking, bird watching, camping, skiing, jogging, scuba diving, swimming, tennis and golfing. There is also jazzercise, yoga and aerobics. And you can enjoy these activities for little or nothing! Once you have the right equipment (hint: shop on eBay), most activities cost nothing but time. If there is a fee involved (e.g., skiing or golfing), you can easily find bargains and take advantage of senior discounts.

Join Clubs

Joining clubs is a great way for Baby Boomers to meet new people and enjoy inexpensive entertainment.There iBaby Boomers can join clubs like Toastmasters to enhance their retirement years.s a club for every Bay Boomer, no matter where your interest lies. If you do bicycling, join a local bike club. The Sierra Club has special senior groups that offer many social events in addition to hiking and camping. Toastmasters provides an inexpensive opportunity to improve your speaking skills and meet new people. Whether you are interested in quilting or books, there is a club out there where you can meet and enjoy people who have similar interests!