MoviePass – A Bargain for Retired Baby Boomers?


It sounds like a great deal for retired Baby Boomers living on a tight budget. For just a $9.95 monthly subscription (no contract required), the MoviePass allows you to see unlimited new movies monthly at nearby theaters. It’s like Netflix for people who enjoy going to theaters and seeing new movies as they come out. Who wouldn’t love that?!

How does it work? According to MoviePass:

Movie Pass for Baby Boomers.

And MoviePass is great….when it works. Yep, there a some flies in the soup:

  • MoviePass claims their card is accepted at 91 percent of theaters, but you better check your local area first (their website will display acceptable theaters by zip code).
  • You need a smartphone to download and use the online MoviePass application.
  • The gears behind MoviePass still have some hiccups. The online application is said to be “buggy,” customers have reported problems getting their card authorized, and customer service is “iffy.”
  • It only works for 2-D movies and just one per day.
  • The card is smartphone-specific. So, if you and your wife or significant other want to go to the movies, each must have a card tied to their individual smartphone.
  • You have to be within 100 yards of a selected theater for the online application to work.
  • You can’t make reservations or purchase tickets in advance, so catching movies on opening day may be difficult!
  • MoviePass and AMC theaters are in a pissing contest, so your pass may not work at AMC theaters.

Suggested Reading Before You Buy

I suggest taking a few minutes to learn from the experience of others. Here’s some recent articles about MoviePass:

Latest News About MoviePass

In the latest business model twist (as of April 13, 2018), the MoviePass website now displays:

MoviePass + iHeartRadio
$29.95 for 3 months (billed quarterly)
See up to 4 movies a month in theaters with MoviePass.
3-month trial of iHeartRadio All Access.

Huh? This is a major revision. The popular “old” plan is now kaput. Apparently, MoviePass is still experimenting to find a profitable business model….kinda scary, my friends.

The Bottom Line for Baby Boomers

There are a lot of good things about the MoviePass. Even under the latest revision, the ability to see 12 movies over three months for $30 works out to just $2.50 per movie. However, there is also a lot of uncertainty about its business model (can it ever be profitable? Will it survive?). Our advice: If you love to watch new movies as they come out, try MoviePass for a quarter ($29.95) to see if it works for you. BUT, only subscribe a quarter at a time – MoviePass may revise their offerings again or simply vanish one day.

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