For Boomers, Good Health is Everything!

Good Baby Boomer health is crucial to enjoying retirement.

Upon entering their sixties, having good health starts to dominate Baby Boomer thinking. Enjoyable retirement depends on being able to perform activities, such as travel, spending time with the grandkids or even starting a home business. The old adage, “Good Health is Everything” takes on real meaning as we age.

So what can Boomers do to ensure a healthy retirement? It helps to have a checklist. Here’s our take on minimal activities every Baby Boomer should embrace:

  1. Get an annual checkup! Be sure your medical and family history is accurate and fully disclosed to your physician. Medicare covers annual checkups and preventive medicine is your friend. Complete ALL of the recommended tests – blood, urine, stress, colonoscopy, etc. The secret to living long, healthy lives is to catch any problems early and deal with them.
  2. Exercise! Live an active lifestyle. Exercise everyday, even if it is just an hourly walk in the park. Couch potatoes croak out early.
  3. Keep your mind active! Boomers live in fear of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Exercising our brains is crucial to staying sharp. Read, join causes, participate in activities, learn a new language, do puzzles….whatever, just use your brain everyday (Note: Watching TV doesn’t count!).
  4. Drink wine and coffee. In moderation, both provide health and longevity benefits. Besides, what would life be like without the gift of wine?
  5. Drink lots of water. Avoid poisonous diet soda drinks!
  6. Eat better – Less steaks and more salads! More fruit for lunch. Get your weight down to an acceptable level and maintain it.
  7. Get rid of bad habits. If you are still smoking, I have no sympathy for you. Your future includes lung cancer and COPD. Quit, just quit. Ditto for pill poppers.
  8. Have sex! Life is better in so many ways when couples maintain a loving physical relationship.
  9. Create a bucket list and commit to achieving it. This enriches the Fall and Winter of our lives.
  10. Likewise, enhance your peace of mind by embracing spirituality in your life. Whatever your religion (or not), take time to explore the pulse of the universe. For agnostics and atheist, look into the latest scientific findings of quantum mechanics and astrophysics to formulate your own beliefs.

This is our list for enjoying a healthy, meaningful retirement. What’s yours? Did we leave anything out? Please give our readers the benefit of your feelings and insights by commenting below.

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