Flu Season Hitting Baby Boomers Hard!

The flu is hitting Baby Boomers hard!

Baby Boomers are being hit particularly hard by the flu this year. The CDC reports:

In fact, the highest rate of hospitalization was among those over 65, but people aged 50 to 64 are being hospitalized at three times the rate of the 2015-2016 season.

The sad news is that our country has an antiquated flu vaccine policy and this year’s shot is only about 10 percent effective. Yeow! One would think that the U.S. could do better than this, but here we are. I just hope there is never a real zombie apocalypse.

What can Boomers do to Avoid to Minimize the Flu?

Here is the bromide advice being preached by the CDC and news networks:

  • Get a flu shot (even though its effectiveness is debatable, it may lessen the flu duration).
  • Stay away from those who do have the flu (duh!).
  • Wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth when out in public.
  • Disinfect surfaces.

Add to these my own sage wisdom:

  • Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and use it frequently when out in public.
  • Avoid shopping centers, stores, etc., as much as possible. If you can afford it, get groceries delivered.
  • Use store-offered sanitizing stripes to clean both your hands and the shopping cart.
  • If your spouse gets the flu, sleep in the guest bedroom or on the couch.
  • Stay away from grandkids – they’re cootie carriers!
  • Don’t let someone who has the flu pet your dog or cat and turn them into a carrier.
  • Disinfect doorknobs, kitchen surfaces and the TV remote….just about anything touched by a flu carrier…the virus lives a long time on surfaces!

And this is important – If someone in your family gets the flu, get them to a doctor, especially if they are older. This year’s version is particularly hard on Baby Boomers. People are dying. At minimum, get a prescription for Thamiflu, as this has proven effective in lessening the symptoms and duration of the flu.

The flu sucks! Don’t let it spoil your winter this year.

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