Every Boomer Needs a Disaster Kit

Boomers should have a disaster kit.

In 1989, my girlfriend (now my wife) and I resided in Silicon Valley when the Loma Prieta earthquake (a 6.9!) hit. The initial quake was strong and over the next few days, there were hundreds of aftershocks. Electricity and water were out for several days in the area where we lived. There was no phone service. All the local stores and gas stations were closed; some heavily damaged. Fortunately, we had a full refrigerator, canned food and plenty of wine to see us through. But we were overjoyed when the lights finally came on again after three-to-four days. If the lack of services had continued for much longer, everyone would have been in trouble.

I live in southern California now and a major earthquake is always predicted as just around the corner. Plus, every summer seems to bring devastating fires and evacuations. Not to mention a nearby defunct nuclear facility or the possibility of a tsunami appearing off the coast. It’s the risk we accept for great year-round weather.

Ask yourself, “What would I do if a natural or man-made disaster hit my area?” Could you and your family survive a hurricane Katrina or power grid failure? Does your family have a plan in case you are separated? Do you have enough stored water, non-perishable food and medicine to last a week or two until help can arrive? How about your pets? If mobile phone services die, do you even own a battery-power radio to find out what is going on?

Now that we are older Baby Boomers, we recognize the need to have a home survival kit. It is a simple thing to prepare and maintain. And it can literally mean the difference between survival and death in an emergency situation.

What Every Baby Boomer Needs to do NOW!

How can you get prepared. It’s easy. Others have already done the home for you. Start by taking a few moments to digest these great articles and checklists:

The Bottom Line for Baby Boomers

No one likes to think about the possibility of a disaster hitting their area. But if it does and you are not prepared, the consequences can be devastating. Your survival – and that of your loved ones – can literally depend on the amount of forethought invested in preparing for this possibility. I strongly urge every Boomer to take this issue seriously and prepare accordingly. It takes so little to dramatically enhance your survival odds if the worse happens.



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