Can Boomers Age in Place? Yes!

Baby Boomers prefer to age in place!

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Reports by AARP and others indicate that by 2035, one in three households will be headed by someone over 65. This translates to almost 80 million people, most of whom plan to stay in their homes.

Is this is a practical for Baby Boomers? The answer for many is a resounding “Yes!” Boomers are healthier and more active than their parents were at the same age. For most, there is no reason for them to move in with their kids or into long-term care facilities.

Most Baby Boomers plan to age in place.Of course, some Boomers will choose to downsize or move to a more seasonable climate. A few like the idea of carefree living in a retirement community. Others like the idea of staying in their existing home, with it’s established neighborhood network of friends and a place for the grandchildren to visit. No one actively embraces life in a long-term care facility.

As Boomers age, of course. it may become necessary to modify homes to be more “senior friendly.” Wheelchair access, accessible light switches, etc., are just a few of the modifications one can envision.

What AARP and other studies do not take into account is the onslaught of new technology that is becoming available to help Boomers age in place. Robotic home care assistants are predicted to be in widespread use within ten years. Remote medical monitoring will be the norm as well. And need a ride? Driverless cars will dominate the roads in the late 2020’s – Just call one and they’ll show up within 20 minutes!

If you like your home and want to live out your days there, no problem. Stay active, stay healthy and age in place among familiar surroundings and friends. Or downsize and live out your retirement years in the location of your choice. All these options are available to the Boomer generation. This is NOT your parents retirement!

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