Boomers Retire Abroad to Stretch Fixed Incomes

Baby Boomers can stretch retirement dollars by retiring abroad.

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After being decimated by the Great Recession, it is difficult for typical Baby Boomers to comfortably retire in the United States. But what if you could retire to an area where a relaxing lifestyle can be enjoyed for just $1,200 monthly, or you can live very well (with maids and gardeners) for, say, $2,500 monthly? Interested?

Many Baby Boomers are retiring comfortably outside the U.S. where the dollar goes further. Moving to another country where the cost of living is lower offers substantial benefits for those without a large financial nest egg. Life can be good…very good.

American enclaves often exist for those who are afraid of cultural shock and language barriers. Health insurance and medical facilities are good. Financial matters are easily handled. Internet and phone service are available. Climate and scenery are acceptable. Recreational activities are readily available. And you are just a plane ride away from family and friends in the United States.

But it takes an adventuresome personality to move abroad. And experts advise not purchasing property until you have lived in your selected location for at least a year. There are a lot of considerations, but even on a low, fixed income it is possible to comfortably retire.

We have researched areas popular among American retirees. The Caribbean and countries south of the border currently offer the best locations for Boomers with limited savings or on a fixed income to retire. These choices also have the benefit of fast access to the U.S. for visiting relatives and friends. And we point you to sites and other resources that provide more information.


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