Boomers on a Budget Eye Panama for Retirement

Boomers on a budget can retire comfortably in Panama.

Skyline of Panama City

If you are retiring and facing living on Social Security with minimal savings, moving to Panama may be the right answer for you. Boomer couples can live there comfortably for as little as $1,000 monthly. Or retire well with monthly incomes of just $2,000.

Panama is a modern country that entices Gringo retirees with special incentive programs. It has a very affordable health-care system, infrastructure and amenities (Internet, etc.), and it’s summer all year round. It is also just a short plane ride away from the States. Plus there is already a large American expatriate community to welcome you.

Having many friends who have already settled in Panama, I would put it at the top of anyone’s list to consider for retirement abroad. Want to learn more? Here are a few sites that will quickly educate you with the latest information about retiring in Panama:

As always, Boomers, we suggest first educating yourself and then taking a trip to Panama before making any decisions. Can you fit in there? What areas of Panama do you like the most? How far will your income go? There are a plethora of books and local guides who can help you. Thousands of expats have created the retirement of their dreams in Panama while living on a tight budget. You can too.


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