Boomers Discover the Magic of Virtual Happy Hours

Baby Boomer virtual happy hour

We Baby Boomers are known for our ingenuity. We are problem solvers. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Boomers have found a way to still enjoy happy hour without violating coronavirus social distancing constraints.

Welcome to the “virtual happy hour.” Now that everyone is feeling comfortable with online solutions which allow face-to-face interaction over the Internet, Baby Boomers have quickly realized these tools also offer the opportunity for virtual social gatherings.

My fellow Boomers and I meeting several times weekly around 5PM for a happy hour. Not in person. Nope, that’s not allowed. Instead, we use Zoom to have a virtual BYOB meeting.

With Zoom, everyone can see everyone else in their own little window, sipping on the wine or the hard stuff of their choice. It’s a creative way of overcoming the social isolation instilled by coronavirus “stay at home” restrictions. And a big morale lifter.

Technically-inclined Boomers can even “cast” their laptop display to a big screen TV for more realism, an operation that can also be easily accomplished with a HDMI cable.

The major drawback – or is it? – is that only one person can talk at a time in these virtual meetings. Actually, people can jabber simultaneously but the display and sound gets weird.

So, feeling lonely and isolated during the COVID-19 shutdown? Download Zoom (or Apple FaceTime, Google Duo, Skype, etc.) for free, then get online with others. Pop a brew, uncork a wine, or stir up something more potent. It’s Boomer happy hour, a time to mellow out and virtually kickback with friends!

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