Boomers Consider Ecuador for Low-Cost Retirement

Baby Boomers can retire in Ecuador on social security alone!

Quito, Ecuador - Historic center with the Basilica of the National Vow on the background.

Recently, everyone is talking about retiring in Ecuador where Baby Boomers can live quite well on just Social Security alone! For cash-strapped Boomers, Ecuador can be a godsend. But like everything else, it has its pluses and minuses. We’ve done some research on Ecuador to help you see its retirement possibilities.

Major Pros:

  • Low cost of living!
  • Great, low-cost healthcare in cities.
  • Lots of expatriates to help new arrivals acclimate.
  • A secure society.
  • Modern infrastructure and good services in cities.
  • Four-hour nonstop flights to Miami.
  • Senior discounts.

Major Cons:

  • Americans are starting to generate a native backlash by driving prices and real estate values up.
  • The best retirement experience requires learning Spanish.
  • A “manana” attitude and lots of visible poverty.
  • Rains a bit!

Learn Before You Go – Recommended Sites for Interested Boomers

The Bottom Line for Boomers

If you are a Baby Boomer whose finances are tight, retiring in Ecuador may be an ideal answer. But do your homework first by visiting the above sites that offer a wealth of “real world” information. If Ecuador looks interesting, we suggest starting by taking a trip there to gain onsite experience and advice. Better yet would be to arrange meetings with expats already settled in Ecuador. Then you can make an informed decision.

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