Bicycling is Wonderful Recreation for Retired Baby Boomers

Bicycling is great recreation for Baby Boomers.

Whew!. I just finished my early morning ten-mile bike ride. As usual, it was wonderful. The world was just awaking on this fine Spring morning. Traffic was minimal. The sun in southern California had not yet turned toasty. And I feel so invigorated when I’m done. It’s good to be alive!

Bicycling is a wonderful experience for older people. It exercises the heart, burns calories and tones the body. And it leaves riders with a positive attitude (really!). Plus, it’s fun! This is especially true when biking with friends along scenic paths and letting go of all your concerns for a while.

Biking to lunch or brunch is a favorite activity among my group. Stimulating conversation, good food, a little wine or beer – It’s makes for a perfect day!

I still ride my 25-year-old Trek bicycle which has been through several sets of tires. It has a lot of gears, which I appreciate as I’ve gotten older. Upgrades, like a bike rack, speedometer, and helmet, gloves and extra water bottles all came from my local Walmart or Target. I’m a cheap bicycler, but still a sight to see in my tight (and heavily padded) shorts!

If bicycling piques your interest, I suggest starting by reading these fine articles:

The Bottom Line for Baby Boomers

Bicycling is an exhilarating experience…and it’s affordable for everyone! It is also healthy. In fact, it’s hard to find anything negative to say about bike riding, especially among Boomers. My advice – Join (or start) a local bicycling group with people of your age bracket. You won’t regret it.


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