Best Mobile Phone Plans for Baby Boomers

best mobile phone plans for Baby Boomers.

After kicking this subject around with fellow Boomers, we realized that there is no “best mobile phone plan” for everybody. It depends on each person’s unique usage. Most Boomers use smartphones, while others are comfortable with simple flip phones. Many enjoy extra features like texting, web surfing, taking photos or videos, Google Maps, sharing, watching YouTube or catching up on the weather and news. Others just want the security of being reachable in case of an emergency. Some make lots of calls while many hardly use their mobile phone at all.

No matter how Boomers utilize their cell phone, there’s money to be saved by finding a carrier that offers programs best suited to your individual needs. And there are a lot of programs – too many for us to itemize here. So, here are recent articles addressing this subject. If you are looking to cut costs and get a mobile phone plan that is just right for your needs, take a moment to digest these fine overviews:

The Bottom Line for Baby Boomers

There are an abundance of mobile phone plans targeting the 55+ crowd. Boomers should have no trouble finding a plan that bets fits their individual profiles. Why spend money for features you don’t use? And why not get the best deal out there?

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