Baby Boomers Embrace Co-Housing

Baby Boomers embrace co-housing

Whether for economic reasons, to feel safe or to overcome loneliness, many Baby Boomers are embracing the joy of co-housing.

Co-housing options are springing up everywhere, and they come in a variety of flavors. The driving factor is a desire among retiring Boomers to be part of a community. For money-strapped Boomers, co-housing is also often a means to secure a comfortable roof over their heads.

Boomers Enjoy a Variety of Co-Housing Options

When it comes to co-housing, there are many options to explore:

  • Organized Communal Living: Renovated or new construction that offers small apartments (with private baths and possibly a small kitchen) or bedrooms, supplemented by a communal kitchen and open common area. Own or rent – your choice.
  • Co-Ownership: Some Boomers are pooling their funds to buy homes together. A three- or four-bedroom home with multiple bathrooms affords a better standard of living than these co-owners could afford alone.
  • Adding Roommates aka “Co-Living”: Popular among women who find themselves with a big empty house, renting out rooms is one way to combat loneliness and create an exciting new lifestyle.

Community Living is the Key

Regardless of its form, the underlying trait of co-housing solutions is community living. “Loneliness” in retirement is a common fear among Baby Boomers. Co-housing is a ready remedy.

Co-housing generates a sense of community. Important decisions are made among members. Group activities are embraced, yet allowing for individual liberties and privacy. The group provides friendship and support, along with new experiences. Shared housing is an invigorating way of living.

Interested? Suggested Reading

A good place to research co-housing is the Co-Housing Association of the United States. There are also a number of recent articles worth reading:

The Bottom Line for Baby Boomers

Co-housing is fast becoming a popular choice for older Baby Boomers. It is a phenomenon that is still evolving. For Boomers who want to enjoy community living during retirement, co-housing is an ideal option. It also works for those on a tight budget. The bottom line for Baby Boomers is that co-housing is the perfect answer to many situations.

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