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Articles for Baby Boomers

How To Retire Overseas in 12 Months or Less

by Kathleen Peddicord

What if you could retire early…no matter the size of your nest egg or monthly income?

What if you could live a comfortable retirement right on the beach…or in the old quarters of a charming, historic city…or on your own little farm surrounded by rolling hills…really, whatever your ideal lifestyle might be?

And, what if you could have this life for just US$1,200 a month (that's no more than the average U.S. Social Security check) or less…maybe a lot less, in fact?

Today, I'd like to give you details of how you can get from wherever you are right now to your dream life overseas…

Not 10 or 20 years from now…but within the next 12 months.

Yes, it's possible. And a lot easier than you might think. How else would thousands of readers like you be living out their own dream retirement lifestyles overseas today?

I'm thinking of people like:

Miles of white sand await you in English-speaking Belize, one of the 20 retire-overseas destinations we'll introduce you to at this special event…
  • Judith and Harold who moved from Palmer, Alaska to the beach town of Piriapolis, Uruguay two years ago. Not ones to sit beneath a palm sipping piña coladas all day, this couple bought 50 acres of farmland and, today, raise sheep and grow raspberries, blackberries, grapes, eucalyptus, and more. Both are avid whale-watchers during the winter mating season, and their home in Punta Bellena (Whale Point) provides them a front-row seat right from their front porch…
  • Paul Richards—a retired publisher and golf aficionado—who along with his wife and daughter, left the U.K. behind five years ago for a new life in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Paul loves the many amenities available in the city: golf, tennis, bowling, plenty of good restaurants (local and international), and the Chiang Mai Expat Club. On a recent hospital stay, Paul found the standard of health care superior to that in the U.K.—and is delighted to see his dental bills are 30% to 40% cheaper, too…
  • And, single-mother of eight kids Macarena Rose who traded in her "safe life" in Florida for a new adventure in Belize—purely on a whim—with her youngest daughter (15 years of age) in tow. Despite the initial hiccups (her teenage daughter sadly missed her favorite soda), the more they got to know Belize, the more they liked it. Six years on, Macarena runs her own real estate business in San Ignacio and is the host of a local television show that goes out weekly. For Macarena, the enjoyment is in knowing that her adventure is ongoing—that every day is another opportunity for growth and discovery.
Now, wouldn't you like to join them?

All of these folks are people just like you…people who wanted to break from their daily grind…who were anxious about their shrinking nest eggs (worrying about whether they could ever afford to retire)…and who didn't want to experience a lower standard of living when that time finally came…

Ultimately, they weren't prepared to settle for an average retirement. And neither should you.

Not Your Average Retirement
This word "retirement" has nothing to do with checking out or taking it easy. Unless you want it to.

In the places I'd like to introduce you to, sure, you could improve your golf swing or join a bridge club…you could spend your days lazing in a hammock beneath the banyan trees. And no one would think any less of you.

But if you're not ready to take up a position on the sidelines of life, don't worry. That's not what I'm suggesting.

The ideas of retirement I'm talking about work for the 30-year-old as well as anyone twice that age…or older. That's because it is easier today than ever before to live, travel, invest, and retire as best suits your personal agenda.

The world is alive with opportunities for fun and for profit, no matter what your age. At our first-ever Retire Overseas Conference being held in the United States, we'd like to steer you to the ones that make the most sense for you—and show you exactly how to best set yourself up for a new start overseas.


I don't need to remind you of the problems we face today, in the United States and elsewhere. You may already be watching your nest egg shrink…and, like many, may already be taking a hit on your day-to-day quality of life.

Bottom line, it's getting harder and harder every year for a retiree to exist on his Social Security check alone.

But it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to live like the average retiree and just scrape by…

Not when, among 20 of the world's top retirement destinations, you could:

  • Keep your hands clean…and your garden in tip-top shape for just US$63 a month (the cost of regular maintenance by a gardener)…
  • Have a cup of coffee for just 75 cents—and a whole barbecue chicken dinner for just US$8…
  • Or a hearty lunch on-the-go (cooked right in front of you) for just US$1…
  • Pick up a bottle of good local wine for less than US$3…
  • Stay overnight in a private hospital room for US$200 to US$300 (including doctors' fees and medications)…
  • Pay your dentist around US$30 for a full check-up with X-rays and cleaning, around US$25 for a simple filling, less than US$250 for a root canal, and roughly US$320 for a porcelain crown…
  • Rent a 1,000-square-foot unfurnished condo (in one of the most retiree-friendly cities of the world) from US$225 per monthor a furnished version from US$400…
  • Own a 2,100-square-foot, six-bedroom country cabin on a half-acre of tropical gardens for US$102,900…
  • Rent an apartment in the historic district of one of Central America's best-preserved colonial cities for US$450 per month…or buy your own colonial home here from US$64,000…
Time to get off the fence and prepare for something better

I realize this "retire overseas" idea can be a scary prospect. You're leaving your "maybe-not-ideal," but certainly "safe" life behind, after all.

But, just like you, everybody I know who has ever taken the leap to a new life overseas (myself included) had their doubts, too.

It can be very frightening to think about creating a whole new life for yourself in a foreign place. That fear can keep us from acting on chances for fun, for adventure, and for possible profit. All I can tell you now is that I'm thrilled with this [move]. It has been one of the most satisfying experiences of my life.

-- Jay Snyder, currently retired part-time in Granada, Nicaragua

I'll admit, in my own case, I'd been exploring this idea of overseas opportunity for more than a decade—and toying with the idea of a relocation—but I hadn't made any practical plans.

Then came the catalyst: My boss at the publishing business I worked for at the time proposed that I move from my home in Baltimore, Maryland, to Waterford, Ireland, to open a new office.

This was the push I needed to move beyond my comfort zone. A very practical solution to my ongoing dream of escaping to something new…something better…something fun…

Practicality. That, in a word, is what you need to get from where you are today to the new life that you desire.

I'm not saying that you need to lose sight of your dream. Not at all. It's most important that you keep a picture of your ultimate retirement lifestyle in your mind (better still, put it on paper and stick it to your refrigerator!).

Medellin, Colombia, offers the best quality of life in the Americas…and screaming real estate bargains...

But, if you are serious about getting to your home at the beachor to your Latin American estancia where you can keep your own horses…or to your restored colonial home in a cosmopolitan city…then you need to adopt a business-like approach to your retirement to support your dream.

That is why I'd like to invite you to our upcoming Retire Overseas Conference—a brand-new first-ever program to help you consider all the world's current top options at once, while arming you with the practical support you'll need to make your retirement dreams come true as easy and hassle-free as posible.

If you are still on the fence…doubting your own sanity for dreaming of the exciting opportunities overseas…we want this to be the push you need to get off the fence…and out into the world of greater opportunity.

At this special event, taking place Oct. 14-16, 2011, in Orlando, Florida, my worldwide network of experts and expats convened especially for this event will introduce you to 20 of the world's very best places where a retiree can enjoy a better quality of life on your Social Security check (and sometimes a lot less).

Whether you have some idea of where you'd like to settle—or none at all—these country experts will whet your appetite for what lies ahead in each of the 20 featured destinations. What you hear from them may surprise you…and lead you down a path you never expected (that's all part of the fun)…

The level of experience, knowledge, and competence is top-shelf. Primarily, I appreciated the sincere and honest approach of the organizers and all the presenters, as well as the obvious desire to give participants complete, accurate, timely, and appropriate information and to answer questions thoroughly.

-- Andrew F., United States, attendee at a recent Live and Invest Overseas event


What's more, the experts and expats who'll convene in Orlando aren't "agents" for their respective countries. No place is perfect…and they'll tell you the pitfalls, as well as the advantages, of living day to day in a foreign country. No holds barred.

These country "insights" are but one part of our Retire Overseas agenda, though.

Because, once you've made the choice of where to go, you're still left with the greatest challenge of all: How to get from where you are now to your new home overseas…

All your stumbling-block questions…answered

You see, when you first think about a move overseas, you let your mind run away with every possible opportunity… you get tipsy on the possibilities…

It's exciting to think about a brand-new start in a brand-new place where you can enjoy all the things you're missing out on right now.

Then, reality sets in.

Questions start to spring from everywhere: How much money do I need to set aside for going overseas?… Should I sell my house?… Will I rent a property overseas or should I buy?… What about health care?… What sort of hoops will I need to jump through to get residency?… How can I make some extra income to support myself overseas?

Believe me, every question that you can possibly conceive is a valid one. And, I guarantee, you are not the first person to be baffled by it.

Which brings me to the second part of our Retire Overseas Conference agenda: the practical side (the how-to) of retiring overseas.

Where you can enjoy a luxury retirement on the Pacific…at a very, very affordable price? We'll tell you…and then we'll show you how to launch your new life there!

This is an area where, in my 25-plus years of traveling and transplanting home and shop around the globe, I've sometimes found it difficult to garner the right information. Your aren't going to find reliable answers to your retire-overseas questions simply trawling the web…or reading all the books you can find on the subject.

Immigration laws change…new roads get built…telecommunications companies come and go…banks change the way they deal with foreign clients…buying property, especially in developing markets, is a whole new ball game that only an insider (who's been through the process) could possibly understand…

In talking with my expat friends scattered about the globe, we came up with seven big "challenges," the main issues faced by all would-be overseas retirees…

And next October at the Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando, Florida, for the first time at any Live and Invest Overseas event, we're organizing a series of special, practical workshops that will focus on these seven key challenges…and help you navigate each in the most efficient, hassle-free way…


Information on this page is provided in partnership with Kathleen Peddicord, Publisher of Live and Invest Overseas.


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