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Boomers - A Good Diet is Crucial after Fifty

Malnutrition is really quite a problem for older Baby Boomers. Now the causes of this are quite diverse, but the disturbing aspect of it is the number of older Boomers from all walks of society who suffer from this. So just the right sort of diet for people with more than half a century of living behind them is important, but choosing this diet might be more difficult than one thinks. Almost everyone loses some ability where smell and of course taste as well are concerned, and this loss of ability in these areas is reflected in a tendency to eat less.

The loss of ability is generally due to the natural degeneration that occurs in nerve cells as a result of aging. It's more smell that is affected by this process than taste, but smell is more a contributor to appetite than most people think. And because appetite is reduced gradually by this process over the years, many people may not even realize that they aren't taking in as much nourishment as they used to, and which is perhaps more important, aren't taking in enough nourishment for their needs and enough to keep them healthy. So for a person past middle age a little conscious focusing upon diet is not only beneficial but indeed essential.

What you need to do is to actually focus on how large a portion you are serving yourself and to think rationally about whether it is really enough for a person of your size and weight. Another thing that can influence diet for the better is a little exercise, and this can be beneficial out of all proportion to the amount of time you spend on it. Remember that a healthy body demands sufficient food, which results in an appetite that is wholly independent of the sense of smell and taste. So just how much time should you spend on exercising?

Well, a cumulative thirty minutes or so in a day could certainly be considered adequate to your needs and more than enough to keep your body (and appetite) functioning normally. Remember, it's well worth your while to put in this extra effort, because you may not even notice that your muscle tissue and good health is being depleted by malnutrition until it's too late. But there is another reason to eat well as well. As any person past middle age is well aware of, the skin tends to become a great deal delicate with age. This is because a layer of fat just under the skin that usually protects the skin when one is younger is lost as one grows older. This is one reason why the skin injures easily in an older person.

But also many warning senses, like the sense of touch, for example, are dulled with age, and this leads to a greater tendency to injure than when one is young. A good diet can help to maintain layer of fat beneath the skin further into old age. And you should take in sufficient fluids, because keeping the body hydrated is one way to help reduce possible injuries to the skin.

Also ensuring that your body doesn't suffer from any deficiencies in nutrition, especially where vitamins are concerned, is certainly one way to prevent all sorts of unpleasant issues like skin rashes and lesions.

Think of old age not as a burden but as an opportunity. Now you can snack whenever you want, and no one can tell you otherwise. You don't have to keep the weight off, because in most elderly people it's already off, and that gives you a free license to indulge in a great many of your favorite meals. Don't be lackadaisical about what you have for your meals.

Choose each meal with care, and ensure that it is made up of things that you will really enjoy eating, foods that you have enjoyed all your life. Drink plenty of your favorite fruit juices, and fit in some tasty snacks between meals. It’s not enough to say “Oh, I won't be malnourished, and I'm going to eat enough to keep me going”. That's really the wrong attitude.

What you really have to do is to turn each meal into a culinary delight that you can truly and genuinely look forward to and enjoy. Make each meal a little ceremony. Don't take it on the couch in front of the television, but actually set a table with places and cutlery and napkins, and perhaps a flower centerpiece.

Choose a small glass of some good wine to go with it. Make it an experience to be enjoyed and savored in full, and you will find yourself both consciously and unconsciously looking forward to each meal and indeed treating it as a precious and valued part of your daily schedule.

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Article provided courtesy of Best Cookware Reviews - a consumer guide to cookware, stainless steel cookware sets and nonstick cookware sets


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