Al Kernek

Al Kernek, CEO of Pacifica Endeavors LLC

Al Kernek, Site Editor

Hi there! I am a retired Baby Boomer who has recovered from being hit hard by the Great Recession. Like most of you, I saw my savings and home equity evaporate almost overnight, along with several of my consulting clients. Yet I survived.

Baby Boomer Lifeboat is dedicated to providing information, resources and opportunities to help Boomers like yourself. I am its editor. My colleagues (i.e., Boomer golfing buddies, friends and business acquaintances) contribute ideas, discussions and experiences. The end result is a wealth of useful information for those entering the Fall and Winter of our lives.

 My Company – Pacifica Endeavors LLC

Pacifica Endeavors LLC is Pacifica Endeavors LLCa California based consulting firm made up of individuals who each average 30+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Our forte has been organizations with high-tech or complex products or services. Now, we mostly focus on online endeavors to assist Baby Boomers like ourselves.

This website is a public service site. We want to share valuable information with all Baby Boomers as a service to our generation.

We are a virtual company. Some members are semi-retired; others participate full-time. We each earned college degrees in the 60’s. Some of us wound up fighting in Vietnam, while others protested the war. We lived through Nixon and subsequent economic booms and busts. We raised families, suffered through divorces, started businesses or worked for the man, and also overcame numerous difficulties that life throws at everyone.

Now, we are all in the same boat, or “life boat" as it is. The Great Recession left many of those born between 1946 and 1964 financially unprepared for retirement. The uneven economic recovery since then hasn’t helped either. Yet here we are. Whatever our financial circumstances, many have explored options outside conventional retirement perspectives to achieve comfortable lifestyles in the Fall and Winter of our lives.

Pacifica Endeavors also owns and operates several Websites that may be of benefit to you:

Boomer Home Business Advice – Ideas and advice for Baby Boomers about launching and operating home-based businesses to supplement retirement income.

Unique Boomer Gifts – Fun gifts for Baby Boomers and Seniors.

Find Quality Consultant – A worldwide, human-edited online directory that makes it fast and easy to find a local ISO, Six Sigma/Lean, Malcolm Baldrige or CMMI consultant and related software.