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    Tips for Comfortably Retiring on a Limited Income

Baby Boomers can still retire even on a limited income by taking steps to stretch their dollars! 

Tips and advice for making your retirement dollars go further!


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We're 50-Plus Baby Boomers!  Now we're approaching retirement, but the  economic crisis has decimated our jobs, home equity and savings.

Can 50+ Boomers still retire, even on a fixed, reduced or limited income? Even on Social Security alone? Do older Boomers still have alternatives? YES!  Find out how.


50+ Baby Boomer Retirement Advice, Tips, Articles, Guide & Resources.

Today's Articles

Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement Age with Physical and Intellectual Pursuits

While their parents and grandparents usually viewed that milestone birthday as a time to withdraw from full-time work and relax, many boomers are remaking themselves for the second and third acts of their lives. Some have returned to school to prepare for new careers. Some, especially after their children learn to drive or move out for work or college, are taking up new sports and enrolling in gym programs.

Advice For Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs Starting Online Businesses

Either through retirement or because their job evaporated, Baby Boomers are becoming entrepreneurs and their medium of choice is the Internet. Why? Because less resources are necessary to get started and a worldwide audience awaits. But don’t be fooled – it still takes a lot of planning, hard work and expertise to be successful.

Latest 50+ Baby Boomer Articles



Boomers - Start a Home-Based BusinessBaby Boomers can start home-based businesses to Supplement your Retirement Income


Discover how to start an online business to supplement your retirement income. See what other retirees have done! See our recommended solution for easily creating and marketing a home-based business "Techie" skills are not required.


Get "real world" advice for launching and operating a Boomer home-based businesses. Increase your revenue and success with free wisdom from Boomers who are now running home-based businesses.

Our New Guide - "How 50-Plus Baby Boomers Can Still Retire"
A Practical Guide for Older Boomers Hit Hard by the Great Recession

50-plus Baby Boomers who have suffered financial losses from the Great Recession can still take control of their lives and comfortably retire by simply learning the secrets of stretching their remaining retirement dollars.


We'll show you how, along with providing real world advice and pointing you to free resources that will assist you in achieving this goal. Our guide will help you to prepare a practical retirement plan regardless of your financial situation.


Older Boomers hit hard by the Great Recession still have have retirement options.


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